On the latest episode of our Real Estate Rockstar Mastermind, we talked about how to maximize ROI by creating the right team structure. Here’s an outline of the discussion, with timestamps so that you can skip to the part(s) that interest you most:

0:55- A common question we get from team leaders about commission splits.

4:35- An example of mistakes team leaders can make with their splits.

7:30- How can you keep your team accountable and loyal with a 50/50 split?

12:30- An example of a tiered system for handling different commission splits.

15:00- How we hold our team accountable in terms of lead generation.

21:20- How we track SOI leads in our system.

23:20- How we handle any team member turnover in the middle of a transaction.

30:00- Our commission splits for our buyer’s and seller’s agents.

39:20- The only type of lead where we don’t have a referral fee.

40:45- Recommendations for how to pay your ISAs.

45:00- A few final thoughts on agent compensation.

Thanks to all of our wonderful guests for joining us for this insightful mastermind. If you have any questions for us about anything we discussed in the video above, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.